Working in a number of styles and mediums – including oils, acrylics and water colours Tony has exhibited widely.

Design samples

Language Policy

Solas Nua recognizes the importance of delivering services in both Irish and English to adequately meet the needs of its customer base;

Solas Nua will supply sufficient resources to implement a
language policy to delivering services in both official languages.

The Business Partners through this resolution hereby endorses
efforts to implement service delivery in both official languages
in all relevant areas related to the organization’s activities.


  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

About Solas Nua

Quick Introduction

As an artist Tony works from his own studio based in Belfast mostly in oils and acrylics. Concentrating mainly on painting he also offers services to clients in graphic design where he worked for most of his career as a commercial artist

Short Introduction

Solas Nua was established in June 2006 by Pauline and Tony Bell and has provided services to many clients in the community and private sectors on a bilingual basis. From marketing, communications  and design backgrounds they continue to provide solutions in these areas on an All-Ireland basis.